February 5, 2024

One year on from the earthquakes: what you can do

One year since the devastating earthquake that struck Syria and Türkiye, here’s how you can help:

1. Share a video calling for the end to bombing and support for Syrian organisations

A new video marking one year since the earthquake will be published on 6th February of The Syria Campaign’s X (Twitter), Instagram and Facebook. Please do share it.

Suggested tweet:
🌍 A year after the earthquake, northwest Syria faces a deepened crisis. Increased bombing and aid shortfalls are hampering recovery efforts. Let’s stand together in solidarity with Syrian civil society groups supporting people who already suffered nearly 13 years of conflict.

2. Post in remembrance of the victims

You can use this image featuring the almond blossom (saved here). Almond trees blossom in February in Syria so the almond blossom has been chosen as a symbol to remember those we lost:

Suggested Tweet:
One year since the earthquake disaster, Syrian civil society groups are working tirelessly despite relentless attacks by the Syrian regime and a lack of humanitarian aid. Join me in sharing this image to mourn the victims and show solidarity with survivors.

You can also write a message to mourn and remember the victims on the Syria earthquake tributes website: https://www.syriaearthquaketributes.org/

3. Share the email MP action

Email your MP on The Syria Campaign’s website. Or share the joint letter from Syrian civil society groups: https://diary.thesyriacampaign.org/syrian-civil-society-organisations-mark-one-year-since-the-syria-turkiye-earthquakes/

Suggested Tweet:
📣 A year after the devastating earthquake, raise your voice for Syria ✉️ Email your MP to advocate for increased support for victims in northwest Syria and a halt to ongoing attacks on civilians: https://act.thesyriacampaign.org/letter/uk-email-mp-earthquake-one-year/

Image saved here:

4. Fundraise for the White Helmets

Suggested Tweet:
On year on from the earthquake, the White Helmets efforts to help a community of over 4 million Syrians recover from the crisis are ongoing – chip in what you can to support them: www.whitehelmets.org

You can use this image (saved here):

5. Talk to decision makers about the situation one year on

  • Deepening Crisis: Northwest Syria faces a worsening humanitarian crisis one year after the earthquake, marked by ongoing regime attacks, a massive funding shortfall, and reduced aid access.
  • International Neglect: International failures persist, allowing regime bombings on civilians since the earthquake response, pointing to a lack of accountability and urgency.
  • Heroic Organisations Struggle: Essential organisations, pivotal in the initial earthquake response, grapple with severe funding shortages, jeopardising crucial services like education and healthcare.
  • Urgent Call for Support: Syrian humanitarian and human rights groups urgently call for sustainable funding, reversal of aid restrictions, and an end to regime attacks on vital facilities.
  • Resilience Amid Challenges: Despite global indifference, Syrian civil society groups show remarkable resilience, highlighting the critical need for international support in the face of ongoing crises.