May 31, 2017

A New Chance at Life

The team at Hope Hospital is absolutely incredible!  

For over three hours, five medics conducted a full blood exchange for this 4-day old newborn. It was the first time ever this type of procedure was performed at Hope hospital, and it was a success.

The baby boy is doing well and recovering with new blood, and a new chance at life.

This story is especially heartwarming because Hope Hospital opened it’s doors just a couple months ago. It’s the first ever crowdfunded hospital that was built after the last children’s hospital in Aleppo was bombed out of existence. It exists due to the generosity and solidarity of people from around the world and the brave staff who risk their lives to save others.

Nurse Malek is one of the incredibly brave nurses that used to tend to incubator babies in the Children’s Hospital in Aleppo. Now she is saving lives at at Hope Hospital, including the life of this 4-day old newborn:

 You can read her story below: 

“This is the first time we have ever performed a blood transfusion operation in the north or east of Syria. These cases are usually transferred to Turkish hospitals.

A blood transfusion operation is not easy; you have to work quickly and it requires a lot of effort.

I was very scared to perform this operation because the baby was just four days old. I was worried he would get tired and that we would experience complications during the surgery because it is a high risk operation.

But thank God, the operation was a success and the child is doing well. His medical analysis is normal and we are now starting to breastfeed him.

It really is a remarkable achievement. We were able to secure the blood and carry out the surgical work in Syria without the need for the child and his mother to go all the way to Turkey.

I was overcome with happiness when I saw the joy of his mother after the operation. She was so happy that we were able to save her child from disability and death. It was a beautiful thing to witness.”