aptART / October 22, 2014

Go Ahead Kids, Draw On The Walls!

Awareness and Prevention Through Art (aptART) works with conflict affected youth through street art to provide a creative outlet and raise awareness about issues that affect their lives. These photos reflect the work of over 3,000 Syrian Refugee youth living in host communities and camps across the Middle East. The kids collaborate with international artists to create lasting messages of peace, hope, health and coexistence. The project was supported by The Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED), UNICEF and the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Unit (ECHO).

“So far, I have painted [with aptART] for ten hours. I like to paint flowers.
Wait, I like to paint everything.”

Asmad, 7

“I painted a big tree like the one in Syria. I want to sit under this tree when I go back to Syria again. Also, I painted a big house with patterns on it.  I loved to use the colors especially green. I would like to say thanks!” 

Hour, 11


“I do what I can, where I am, with what I have.” Mural completed in Mafraq, Jordan, lead artists and photo credit Herakut.


“I don’t go to school because the teachers are mean to me. I don’t know how to write or read, but I do know how to paint and how to draw because you taught me to do that.” 

Mohammed, 7

“My favorite color is red because it is the color of hearts and love. I want to draw cities. When I draw in workshops I learn a lot about colors and brushes. I have never drawn before. I am happy to learn here.”  

Zaynab, 10


Azraq Camp, Jordan, photo credit Max Levi Frieder

“I worked in the ACTED tent. We had a lot of colors with Jumana. We drew flowers and my favorite part was being with Jumana. I want to say thanks for the painting. When I go back to Syria I hope I can paint there too.” 

Rowan, 11


“Peace is born within.” Mural completed in Jerash, Jordan, lead artist Jonathan Darby, photo credit Jonathan Darby


“I painted instruments [on the canvas] because it is a party. Also, there are some sheep and a mosque and a donkey. I added people who are at the party. Jumana helped me think of something to paint and we practiced on paper first. Then she gave us paint and started making lines and filling in color. I am relaxed when I paint and this is the third time I have come to paint. The first time I came I made a map. I wish to be back in Syria but I am happy with you. Thank you.” 

Salhe, 12


Zaatari Camp, Jordan, Photo Credit Samantha Robison

“I made a stencil of my house in Syria.
I don’t know what happened to my house.” 

Mohammed, 7


Arbat IDP camp Kurdish Region of Iraq, lead artist Samantha Robison, Photo credit Jared Kohler

"I may not be in Syria, but Syrian is inside me. When I close my eyes I still see Syria." Mural completed in Zaatari Camp, Jordan, lead artist Jonathan Darby, photo credit Samantha Robison

“I may not be in Syria, but Syria is inside me. When I close my eyes I still see Syria.” Mural completed in Zaatari Camp, Jordan, lead artist Jonathan Darby, photo credit Samantha Robison

“I feel angry and nervous about my brothers. When I draw I relax. I like the yellow color because it is the color of the sun. Without the sun we will die because it brings the new day.” 

Mohammed, 11

“I love to paint a lot. It makes me feel relaxed. The red color is my favorite and here I used it to paint about friendship. My favorite place to paint was in Syria. There I painted things like flowers, hearts and the names of my family.” 



Zaatari Village, Jordan, lead artist Ruben Sanchez, photo credit Samantha Robison

“I painted a doctor because I want to be one when I grow up. I was very happy to painnt a lot. The painting is so beautiful.” 

Aha, 9

“I could not draw before. It is a new thing to draw and have colors. Today I learned to draw a bird.” Huda, 8


“Hope gives wings to humanity ” Mural completed in Qustapa Camp, Kurdish Region of Iraq, lead artists Samantha Robison and Bethany Burgoyne, photo credit Samantha Robison


“My water is your water.” Mural completed in Zaatari Camp, Jordan, lead artist Joel Bergner, photo credit Joel Bergner