Alberto Mucci, In These Times / July 11, 2014

Art Finds A Home In Lebanon

In the newly refurbished Art Residence Aley outside Beirut, Lebanon, artists fleeing Syria’s civil war find a welcoming space. At one end of the large stone house lies a common room, with couches surrounding a fireplace; at the other end is an open-plan kitchen. The space between is filled with canvases, paintbrushes and other materials for the artists to work with. Outside, a large garden is dotted with statues left behind by previous artists. The artists in residency are given full room and board, along with paints, brushes and materials. The only requirement is that they leave a piece of their work behind in order to help build up what is becoming one of the first large collections of Syrian refugee art. 

Read more about the residence here and check out some photos of artists at work.