July 3, 2018

#Act4Daraa -- Contact the Security Council

The situation in Daraa is growing more desperate as the Syrian regime and Russia intensify their brutal assault on the province. At least 214 civilians were killed since June 15 including 65 children. Barrel bombs, mortar and artillery shells, and surface-to-surface rockets are being used to target civilians and civilian infrastructure. Four White Helmet volunteers have been killed and at least five hospitals have been bombed out of service — a tactic used by the regime and Russia time and again across the country.

The number of people forced to flee their homes in the past two weeks has exceeded 270,000. Heartbreaking pictures are emerging of displaced people living in makeshift tents in the desert near the borders without adequate access to food, clean water, or medicine. Many are sleeping without cover due to the lack of tents and mattresses.

It’s been over seven years since Daraa’s residents took to the streets demanding freedom and democracy. Now these brave people find themselves abandoned by the world, and as the border with Jordan remains closed, they’re losing hope in finding protection from the ongoing bombardment. It is up to each one of us to stand with them.

The UN Security Council has not even held a session to discuss the situation in Daraa. Please contact the members of the Security Council asking them to use all channels available to end the attacks on civilians in Daraa and allow those fleeing the bombardment to seek protection. The contact details are below. 

#Act4Daraa and share this message.


United States [email protected]

United Kingdom [email protected]

United States: [email protected]

United Kingdom [email protected]

France [email protected]

China [email protected]

Russia [email protected]

Bolivia [email protected]

Côte d’Ivoire [email protected]

Equatorial Guinea [email protected]

Ethiopia [email protected]

Kazakhstan [email protected]

Kuwait [email protected]

Netherlands [email protected]

Peru [email protected]

Poland [email protected]

Sweden [email protected]